Have you ever known any information about Sapa Vietnam and customary here yet? Hanoi – Sapa trip will help you answer all the questions and inquiries about Sapa where is the most region gentle and peaceful in Vietnam. Come to Sapa, you will feel the life rhythm more slowed, the beat as breathing of natural. Soaking up the lives of indigenous people, learn their daily life brings a endless interesting sense. Besides, sightseeing landscape with the vast rice terraces in Lao cao or walk around old quarter make you feel great. From here, all your fatigue will disappear and you will have a wonderful vacation in Sapa Vietnam. Moreover, Sapa is called one of the best heaven of Vietnam. Coming here, you can feel a fantastic atmosphere of fog around you. You will be deep inside in the thick fog in the evening or in the early morning. So Let Travel Sense Asia take you this trip Hanoi & Sapa 5days and keep all your wonderful emotions in Vietnam.

Do you know Trekking through the valley in Sapa is one of the most interesting tour in this highland. You will be attacted by daily life of ethnic people and their cultural. Doing handmade traditional productions, working at rice terraces or dancing together all night beside the big fire are really awesome here. Beside that, trekking to Bac water fall, climbing to Dragon mountain to see Sapa from hight or coming heaven gate will make you feel amazing. Moreover, enjoy local food and drink Tao Meo wine in the evening when the fog cover in over Sapa valley is the peaceful time you have. Let’s take your vacation with Travel Sense Asia and keep your memoribles in the tour Sapa trekking through the valley 4 days.

This tour is exclusively designed for those who want to spend most of their time relaxing and sightseeing at one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Vietnam. That is Sapa, where you can have a great time discovering one interesting place after another and learning new things about hill tribe people. Day 1: Lao Cai – Sapa Day 2: Sapa, 17 km by car, 15 km trekking , round 5 hours of trekking. Day 3: Sapa, Round 17 km trekking in the forests. Day 4: Sapa, 4 hours trekking of 10 km and 23 km by car.

Have you ever thought you’ll conquer Fansipan ( 3143m) which is the roof top of Indochina?Trying to imagine you are standing in the top of Fansipan peak, enjoy your great victory and sightseeing all the sence from hight: , the towering Hoang Lien Son mountain range lay shrouded in mist; the deep fog embrace all the peaks.This adventure tour Fansipan trekk 3 days will bring the memorable moment in your life. During your way to Fansipan peak, you’ll be in a state of exhaustion, tired, lost all your powerfull, but pround feeling and happiness when you go to the goal After climbing the mountain. Beside that, trekking to Silver waterfall, drive motobike to Heaven Gate and walk throught Sapa’s magic fog in the evening bring to you peaceful emotion. Let's discovery your trip right now.

Have you ever lived with the local people in the wooden and bamboo house, eat local traditional food, seen dayly life of the minorities people and enjoyed the peaceful life in the upland?All these things are your experiences that Sapa homestay 3 days 2 nights tour bring to you. Moreover, visitting Silver waterfall and suspension Rattan Bridge, trekking through Bamboo forest and seeing rice terraces is the great time you have in Sapa. Let’s enjoy your trip.