Are ALL travel companies the same?

We do not think so. At Travel Sense Asia (TSA), we would like to show you a different way to travel, the way that you can actually feel and be with the place but not just looking around, not just be there, done that. Here are the reason why 90% our clients recommend us after their trip.

We are not Big Company and We don’t pretend to be
Most of the time you will speak to the same person from initial contact to follow up email at the end of your trip. He/she will take time to understand your needs and note down personal interest in ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.

Real Vietnam Experience

TSA is committed to giving our customers an authentic Vietnam experience not just something staged for tourist. We will take you to authentic local restaurants wherever possible, not to tourist traps that all serve the same boring food. Sometimes we even offer you a cup of coffee on pavement rather than a luxury café or luxury restaurants which are very different from your country.

After we have chosen the restaurants, attractions, hotels etc, we put them to the test by carefully monitoring our customer’s evaluations. This continual review process ensures that we act quickly if our high standards are not maintained by our suppliers.

We provide two meals each day, because most of our customers want the freedom to make their own dinner choices, whether it be Vietnamese or Western.

Authentic Food & dining experiences

Great Vietnam destinations based on our knowledge and customer feedback

We try to use local guides that belong to the regions North, Central and South of Vietnam. This is not only save your money, increases employment opportunities for local people but also allows you to discover more of the local culture, people in different regions during your trip.

Freedom & Flexibility

“Best deals, Expert advice” is our motto and it is something that we are passionate about. We has been recognized as “Vietnam Destination Expert” on worldwide travel forum and we would like to share our experience to our clients by helping them build up their vacation in the way they like with our Experts’ advice.

Small private groups – See Vietnam in the luxury in your own private vehicle with your own guide and driver. They are focused on your needs not the whims of the people that just happened to have booked the same tour. Do what you want, when you want.

Tailor made and customized tours – We specialize in tailor-made and customized travel because these days many people prefer to travel independently and create their own unique itinerary. We can take your tour ideas and fill in the detail and help you to avoid the problems which only detailed local knowledge can avoid.

100% Vietnam owned & based – We are not some fly-by-night companies that want to make a quick profit and run. Our team of dedicated travel professional know Indochina, we know the hotels, we know the suppliers and we know the guides and drivers. Our local experience, knowledge and stability are your guarantee of quality.

Commitment to Customer Service through Team

Sales, Product, Customer Service, IT teams & Experienced Guides working together

Highest service level from enquiry until you arrive home

Base in Vietnam, we are able to provide 24/7 in-country support in the case of an emergency or for those unexpected events. A flight delay, cancellation or last minute change can happen at any time but at Travel Sense Asia  any Travel advisor, manager, director is always ready on phone 24/7  which make sure that we are always beside you, even though you may be thousands of miles from home.

We are easy to reach through emails and all the internet support like Skype, Yahoo. We will normally get back to you within 24 hours and in fact usually, very much sooner..

If for some reason we can’t answer your queries immediately, we will still contact you to let you know how long you are likely to have to wait and we will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

You’ll have someone to complain to! Of course, we hope you’ll never feel the need but if for some reason there is a problem with your trip then we are easy to reach and will do our very best to help resolve the situation.

It takes teamwork and passion to design, present and deliver a great Vietnam vacation. Our young team of dedicated professional is proud of their country, and so they combine their many different skills to bring you travel products that they are proud of. Thousands of satisfied customers every year are our judges. Read our testimonials

Commitment to Quality

  •  Quality tours – we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients.
  •  Quality people – highly trained professionals in all departments
  •  Quality website – easy to navigate with great content
  •  Quality service – our future depends on past.

In our business, attention to detail is the key to quality. Every tour that we book is meticulously planned to try to ensure that it runs seamlessly. Our people personally inspect the attractions and hotels to ensure that they reach the standard that we and our clients expect while providing a true and authentic experience.

The Truth is there – For us is First and Foremost

Accommodation can be basic and you may need a sleeping bags on it, overnight journeys can be tiring, arriving in a strange country for the first time can be daunting prospect and local customs can be difficult to understand,, or the trek can be tired for your kids..etc…

All these aspects and more can be turned into positive experiences if you know what to expect and are prepared for it. We’ll always try to offer advice about the things you really need to know and we’ll also tell you if we think you’re making an unwise choice as to which trip is most suitable to your needs.

We commit of the following points:

  •  Relaxed & fair cancellation policy
  •  Real value for money
  •  Money back service guarantee
  •  No hidden costs
  •  Full disclosure of information including detailed flight information on the itinerary
  •  Fairness and equity to customers, staff and suppliers

Tsa tripadvisor

100% Vietnamese owned Company

Who is better placed to provide excellent service and great value than a Vietnam travel agency located in Vietnam? Vietnam is our backyard so we know our country, the people, and the intricacies of doing business here.

Secured Payment Method Online and easy to get refund

OnePay is the representative of the MaterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS) in Vietnam. OnePAY – MiGS payment system meet PCI Data Security Standard of PCI Security Standards Council. OnePAY – MiGS payment system also joins Verified by Visa Program, MasterCard SecureCode Program and J/Secure Program.

For transactions by local card, OnePAY and local banks use 2 factors authentication solution. Your bank account is protected by registed password and a one time password sent by your bank.

All card details are processed by OnePAY in a secure environment. Your card information will be protected during the transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer software, which encrypts the information that you provide online.

Your money will be safe. We keep your information in high secret and we equip with modern secured online bank account system so in case you need to cancel/amend your booking in anyway, it’s easy for you to get a refund. We will do refund to your account just by few “clicks”.

For other methods of payment, please visit our

Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Responsible tourism development-Friendly Operator

We employ more local people and use more local products and services than foreign tour operators. This benefits local economies and contributes to a better social environment in the areas our customers visit.

We specialize in tailor-made and customized travels, most of which are arranged in small private groups. Keeping tour groups small reduces the impact of tourism on the environment, e.g. no noise pollution from loud hailers, and smaller vehicles mean less damage to roads.

We educate our customers about the local wildlife, environment and cultures, which helps travelers keep in harmony with the local environment.

Through continuous years we are proud to be one of very few  “Official supporters” in Vietnam for UNWTO which organize WTM World responsible tourism day every year.