Danang is Vietnam’s fourth largest city and it’s growing quickly, both in size and significance. Danang – one of the fascinated destinations in trip a deal Vietnam which is concentrating on the powerful policies in the construction of more entertainment centers, beachfront villas and raising the quality services for tourists. For a start, it’s naturally beautiful, sandwiched between the coast and the Central Highlands. A lot of money has been invested in the development of Danang’s infrastructure so the city is clean, easy to navigate and is home to a growing number of luxurious holiday resorts with plush golf courses to match. The people of Danang are proud of their city and routinely live up to their reputation for being Vietnam’s friendliest city folk. This city is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and majestic monuments and diversity of cultural and historical places. To help you achieve the overall view of this city, Travel Sense Asia will synthesize the famous tourist destinations following article.

Bana Hills

As an eco-resort, Bana is a combination of relaxation and entertainment with modern equipment. Especially, with all year long cool weather, this place is an ideal tourist destination in Da Nang. Going to Bana hills, tourists can challenge themselves with the worldwide highest and longest cable car system as well as all-age entertainment places like love gardens, vineyard, and fairy garden. Especially, there is a beautiful and luxurious French village. What’s a wonderful place ever!

In the long cable car, you will admire the stunning natural views. Just as your ears pop for the last time and the mountain peak comes into view, you’ll get a peek at the other new additions to the Bana collection – Bana’s fantasy park rages into view, with a row of turrets and a spiraling, hillside roller coaster track. You will get experience in the historic, cultural side of things, with the French wine cellar, monuments, viewpoints and nature gardens. Next, the waxwork museum is packed with hard to guess A-list celebrities including a Mick Jagger mouthed Michael Jackson and the nation’s favorite, Mr. Bean. Jurassic Park is a bit of a letdown after you’ve seen the warning signs not to enter if you are unsure or scared, as it’s just a collection of moving plastic prehistoric in a dark, noisy room with a bear that towers over a Tyrannosaurus – it’s hard to scale. For theme park rides there are a number of “firsts, highest and biggest in Vietnam” including bumper cars (biggest floor), 3D Mega theatre (first), artificial climbing wall and drop and twist tower (both highest) and soft play area (largest). Apparently, the entrance ticket price covers a few of these rides, but we were too scared and unsure to find out.

Ảnh 1

Even under the cover of clouds, the top of the mountain is a beautiful place — but to be honest, the mountain is really only worth visiting on a sunny day when you can take advantage of the views. When visibility is better, it’s still a fair distance for a day trip, with little in the way of actual sights to reward the tiring bike trip along the highway. Staying overnight could make the voyage, especially once the last cable car leaves when the park locks up and stops bellowing Abba’s greatest hits and you get to hear the sounds of the jungle and take in the views away from the crowds; the sunrise on a clear day must be out of this world. On a public holiday or weekend when the crowds descend upon the hotels here it must be hell.

To enter, there is a fee of 500,000 VND per adult, as well as a surcharge for your vehicle. Cable cars run every hour from 07:30 with the last returning to base at 21:15. From the top cars run at 15 minutes past the hour from 08:15 with the last departure at 21:15.

Linh Ung pagoda

Located on a hill with the shape of sea turtle facing the sea and learning on the primeval forest with rich flora and fauna, Linh Ung is the largest pagoda of Danang city. This pagoda boldly marks the development of Vietnam Buddhism in the XXI century as well as humanity and gods gathering place. In the thinking of local people, Bodhisattva statue with the height of 30 floors will protect them. This is a holly a beautiful place that facilitates visitors to have the best view of Danang city. The scenery here is considered as the heaven that attracts a lot of Buddhists and visitors.

My Khe beach

One of the most popular places in trip a deal Vietnam is Vietnam’s most picturesque beach – My Khe beach which has created the white sandy 20-mile stretch of My Khe Beach. It is convenience in the swimming or and some activities like diving, water-skiing, diving, and race activities. It is time for you to sunbathing under the sunny, nice wave, cool water, and fresh air. Moreover, you approach the life of local by seeing the fishermen do their work. Besides, you should try many special kinds of seafood like shrimp, crab, squid, and abalone. My Khe Beach takes advantages as it is situated in the heart of World Heritage sites – the ancient port of Hoian, the mysterious Phing Nga Caves and the revered imperial city of Hue. Hoian is also a superb place to get anything you desire tailor-made usually within 12 hours, and while you wait it’s definitely recommended that you try some local delights including very fresh shrimp pancakes.


Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains is more and more attracted travellers, which has the haunting beauty of the spot. The mountains are combined of five limestones which have caves, pagodas and shrines. Five mountains will be represented by five factors including water, fire, wood, earth and metal. The main mountain has a path to the top with two entrances open to tourists. There is a 15,000 VND entry fee at the base of a very long flight of stairs. You have another option to entrance which is a much less strenuous climb. After approaching the top, you will admire the overviews of Danang city. You also have a chance discover some famous places like Non Nuoc beach, the Son Tra Peninsula, and Cham Islands.

Some of the larger caves have prepared with Buddha statues and all the associated guardians. When you visit Huyen Khong cave, you will see the holes in the ceiling. One of these was caused by a bomb in the war. Huyen Khong cave has created by a number of shrines, guards and Buddha statues which are covered by stalactites on the ceiling. There are two small stalactites situated near the two sides of the cave which are believed to represent breasts. One is dripping while the other is dry. According to legend, the stalactites have just dropped the water when Emperor Tu Duc entered and touched.

One recommendation for you is to visit the early morning and the late afternoon as it is cooler than other time. The local host will stop charging admission so you can watch the sunset from the mountain. However, you should bring a flashlight or lamp for the trip down. One of the most attractive in these caves is the light streaming into the caverns through the incense-laden air from the openings above. Great for pictures, this only happens however between 10:00 and 14:00.

This is a chance for you trekking through the stairs, the karst wall into a couple of the caves. Equipment and guides are excellent and they also have a few programmes suitable for kids. The mountains are protecting by local people and government in order to keep the tourism place. Most of the marble is now imported from elsewhere. Many of the statues will adapt the impressive massive for travellers.

At the base of the Marble Mountains is Non Nuoc hamlet, which is crowded with around a hundred stone carving shops. You can purchase some items you like.

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Dragon Bridge

Traveling Danang city – one of the places in the trip a deal Vietnam, you will admire many famous and meaning bridges. Firstly, the iconic Han River bridge is Vietnam’s only rotating suspension bridge, was completed. If you’re up between 02:00 and 03:00, the bridge rotates 90 degrees to give access to large commercial ships passing through from the port, a very popular site for domestic and local visitors. After the opening of the Han River bridge, the newly formed Danang government pledged that every bridge built in the city would have unique characteristics.

Dragon bridge is the most popular bridges in Danang. It is built with 166-meter, six-lane steel bridge designed to look like a dragon flying over the river, and the 731-meter Tran Thi Ly bridge in the shape of a giant sail. Both were opened in March 2013 and come alive at night when their array of colored bulbs light up the city. You should make the plan come Dragon bridge every Friday and Saturday evening at 21:00. At that time, the dragon comes alive, breathing fire and water towards the east. Even if it’s just to absorb the energy of the atmosphere then it makes a spectacular display.