While Da Lat is known as the city of flowers, Sapa is considered as the foggy town. Coming to Sapa, the tourists not only have opportunities to visit many beauty – spots but also enjoy the cuisine of this dreamlike land. It is said that visiting Sapa without enjoying grilled-food, indeed you have not discovered the the uniqueness and richness of the Sapa food culture. One cuisine place that tourists can not overlook is the grilled-food street where the stalls appear in the evening mist. Over 15 years ago, when Sapa still has not invested and exploited the tourism potential, the number of tourists visiting Sapa is a moderate figure. Along with that, restaurants and stalls are still sporadic on the street. However, over the time, along with many activities given to develop tourism services as well as the demand of customers, the grilled- food services are extended.

food streets in Sapa

Grilled – food streets in Sapa

A lot of stalls are on the HamRong street of the 100-meter stretch. The interesting feature of these stalls is just selling the grilled-foods that make it called “grilled-food street’’. The demand of tourists may contribute to the appearance of these stalls. The grilled-foods are available in all regions of Vietnam, however, Sapa grilled-foods become the “unmistakable brand name’’. Tourists may not forget its taste when just try it one time. With the typical features of cool, clean and fresh climate, the Sapa grilled-food leaves the strong and deep impressions on the tourists with the unforgettable flavors. The stalls set up simply with small baskets of corn, sweet potato, cassava, or chunk of meat …, some plastic chairs and a coal stove on the roadside. In the chilly night, citizens and tourists sit around the charcoal fire to enjoy the grilled-foods. The thing is different from other places is that everything in Sapa can be made the grilled-dishes. Apart from corn, sugar cane, sweet potato and cassava, these can be grilled such as eggs, womb, sour tofu, round sticky rice cake…It may be listed to hundred of dishes that is hard to enjoy within one week. Each dish has its own spices, marinating style and flavors that make it unique and special. You hardly find out the repeat of the flavors. In the chilly climate, spicy foods may be the favorite one to warm up body. The most common dish here is skewers which are made by meat and mix of oil, chili powders and spice.

However, among these dishes, the grilled- heo cắp nách ( carried under the armpit pig) is the most famous and favorite dish which attract tourists from near and far. Heo cắp nách is a kind of small pigs fed by vegetable, rice without growth stimulants. Its meat is tender as of boars and can be processed into many dished such as boiling, grilling…After being seasoned with spices such as garlic, onions, lemongrass, five spice powder and sa chiêng for a while, the pork is grilled on the fire. The pork after being roasted is tender and mingled with smoke. Sipping Bac Ha wine or San Lung wine with the aromatic flavor and enjoy grilled- pork in a cozy atmosphere will be the great moment that each of us will never forget. Grilled pigs served with rice and vegetable can make a hearty meal.
With the richness and popularity of culinary art of the highland, and many unique products, the endowed land has been created a graceful, charming and special feature of SaPa tourism. Having a visit to SaPa and enjoy culinary culture of the land sinking in the clouds will be the very memorable moments and definitely will desire to come back this fanciful land.

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