You are a foreigner and you come to Vietnam to have the exciting tour of Halong Bay beaches. Actually, Halong Bay is an impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site on Vietnam’s northeast coast. To get the satisfying trip to this destination, you can consider our detail plan in two days to enjoy the top 7 natural wonders of the world. Surely, you will get the exciting tour as the combining the beautiful tour of Halong Bay with activities including swimming, boat jumping, rock climbing.


  • Discovering the strange caves with various sizes, ages, and shapes.
  • Cruising through the jade waters of Halong Bay surrounded by monolithic karst formations
  • Having the meals with many delicious seafood and drinks made by the chef.
  • Participating in the beach activities like swimming, climbing,…
  • Approaching the life of local people in the floating villages

One the first day

After arriving in Tuan Chau island, you should buy the ticket of the seaplane to grace the overview of the beach from above during 25 minutes. The price for ticket ranges around $92 USD per person, which depends on the traveling season. A flight in seaplane has only seven people including one pilot and six passengers. Nowadays, a number of foreigners choose the trip to Halong Bay by seaplane to have an overview of scenery from overhead.


11.30 a.m: You will check in the room on the cruise and enjoy the welcome drink from the staffs. While having the lunch onboard, your cruise passes several caves like Fighting Cocks, Duck, Finger, Incense Burner, and Stone Dog. Following to the tour, you come to Dau Go cave in Halong Bay beaches. The grotto is given named from the remaining wooden pieces in the cave. There are three main parts in the grotto, which bring the surprising feeling for you by a colossal pillar supporting the huge vault. Looking at the top of the pillar, there is a monk draped in a long and dark cloak. The grotto seems to be wider with the image of the ancient citadel and a scuffle of horses, elephants, and people with sword and spear.

18.30 a.m: Besides, you took a swim, relaxed on the deck and admired the view, you can watch the sunset over the bay followed by a freshly prepared seafood dinner served under the stars. Next, you should join to some activities on the cruise such as squid fishing, watching movies, karaoke and enjoying wines in the relax time.

On the second day

You wake up to the beauty of the bay and over breakfast cruise to secluded spots for a swim. After that, you should visit other cave, like Sung Sot cave “ Surprising cave” is a large cave including two chambers. The first chamber looks like a theatre hall decorated with the stalactites on the ceiling. You can go to the second chamber by a small passage. The light filtering through a huge opening brings the natural skylight the grotto and creating amazing scenery. The second chamber is so spectacular that thousands of people can stay. This cave is one of the most stunning Halong Bay caves which covers about 10,000 m2 with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. There is a legend of this cave. And this is the reason why the cave is similar to the shape of a horse and a sword.

Doing Tai Chi on Cruise

Doing Tai Chi on Cruise

Continuously, you can visit the floating villages in Halong Bay beaches like Ba Hang, Cua Van, Vung Vieng and Cong Dam. You would probably make a short stop at a fish farm to observe daily life and know the basic living of the villagers. Cua Van is the biggest and also the most famous fishing village on Halong Bay. The village comprises 176 households with the population of 733 people and which is formed by the peaceful beauty and unique customs in daily life. Visiting Cua Van fishing village, you will have a great opportunity to gain the experience of the local life and to explore diverse seafood. Particularly, at the occasion of wedding or celebration, you can enjoy the performance of traditional music called “hat gheo” and “hat cheo duong” which are special folk songs of Halong. Cua Van fishing village is situated in the first floating cultural center of Vietnam, which includes fishing facilities of ancient Vietnamese people, many pictures and documentary films about life on Halong Bay in the past and at the present.

12.00 a.m: You will come back to the land and end the trip

Note: If you have any free time, you should come to Sun World Halong Park to have more experience in the destination. Actually, Sun World Halong Bay is the largest tourist- recreational complex of Vietnam. You can reach here can have a chance to enjoy the mysterious life in the “Dragon land” and try plenty of captivating and novel attraction.