The endless green of the tropical forests, yellow of the harvest-ready rice terraces, white of the snow and morning fog or the pink hue from the sakuras are just some to mention for the miracle spectrum of Sapa.

Situated 1600 metters high from the ground of North-west Vietnam, the town is a urban district of Lao Cai province. Its scenery is a wonderful combination of mountains, forests, snow and the constructing hands of the local people. The name Sapa as it had today originated from the Chinese term “Sa-Pả” – Sand field, as before the contruction of the town, the place was a sand field where local peole gather and trade for their living. After time and the colonization of France in the first half of 20th century, the name was enventually changed to its known form today.

And now, to make your trip to Sapa an great enlightenment, I’s dlike to make a short list of 5 must-go destinations in my opinion.

1. Fansipan – The roof of Indo-China

Fansipan The roof of Indo-China
In the center of Hoang Lien Son range lay the highest mountain in south east Asia, the 3143-metter Fansipan. Despite its proximity to the town, about 9 km to the South-west, an average man should spent 6 to 7 days in order to reach the top of the mountain. Unlike other famous mountains like Mt. Everest, the Fansipan is covered with tropical forest, which make the trip much harder, but also promise far more wildlife sightings. Climber can go on an individual trip or tours with the guidance of local tribe men.

2. Ham Rong – The Dragon Jaw mountain

ham rong moutain
Ham Rong Mt., which is within walking distance from the town, is not famous for its height but its scenery. On top of the mountain, visitor can see the whole wonders of Sapa stretching in their views, all mixed in the mysterious morning fog. The mountain nowaday is also the holy garden of Sapa, where various fruit and flowers are grown in a heavenly manner.

3. The stone church of Sapa

stone church of sapa
Formerly belonged to the France, this 120-year-old church brings a Europe-like breath to Sapa’s -destinations. This is also one of the most well-preserved building since the colonization of France in Vietnam.

4. Muong Hoa Valley and the ancient stone field

muong hoa valley sapa
About 8km from the Town center, tourist can see the marvelous valley of Muong Hoa. Surrounded by terrace fields and various type of flower, the valley will definitely not fail your expectation. Moreover, some where in the field lay hunreds of ancients stone with mystical symbols that still wait to be decoded. In the middle of the valley is a 15km stream flowing through a variety of local tribe villages.

5. Thac Bac – The Silver Fall

thac bac sapa, silver waterfalls in sapa
The name of this fall comes from the colour of the water falling down from the mountain, making an endless stream of light and water. The sound of the fall can be heard from far away in the complete silence of the jungle.

Those are just some of the tempting offer from Sapa, coming here, it’s not only the scenery but also food, culture and people that carve deep inside the visitors’ hearts. Try to come, visit, stay and let your hearts be overwhelmed!

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