Along with Halong Bay, Sapa is an ideal place to enjoy the spectacular and stunning scenery and experience the special culture of the local people. Sapa tourism in recent year has been developed exponentially. The appearance many services together with the original beauty created by nature are sure to satisfy the visitors taking a step there. Sapa tourism is attractive with many magnificent places for trekking, sight-seeing and taking photos with many magnificent places as Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall), Muong Hoa Valley, Terraced rice fields…In addition, the travelers also have many choices of services in Sapa.

Terraced rice fields in Sapa

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Terraced rice fields in Sapa are voted to one of the seven most beautiful and attractive fields of Asia by the US’s magazine Travel and Leisure. The fields are located in hilly or mountainous areas. The local peoples make use of the steep feature together with the granite rock and mountain cliffs to create the fertile soil and keep water for the crops. Being seen from far, the rice fields look like a picture of nature with breath-taking beauty keeping the visitors to stare for admiration. The pictures of the terraced rice fields change seasonally. When the new crops begin, the fields are lush with the alluring charm from the green rice growing. While in June or July, the fields are covered with the green of paddy rice, which makes the terraced rice fields as a hand-made creation of uniqueness. In September or October, travelers reaching there can witness the gold rice fields. The wind makes the rice fields fly like a golden silk scarf. The travelers visiting Sapa can always get the astonishing beauty of the mountainous landscape created by the terraced rice fields. The beauty of the terraced rice fields has made Sapa tourism more attractive.

Muong Hoa Valley

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Muong Hoa Valley is established by the French in 1922. This town lies between two high ranges of mountains in the southeast of Sapa. This valley is the largest farmland to grow rice in Sapa and one of most amazing place for Sapa tourism. It is about 5 hours to walk from downhill to the valley, reaching the Muong Hoa River. There are many minority groups living and working for hundreds of years in this valley as H’mong, Zao or Zay… Besides the scenery from the rice fields, Muong Hoa is attractive with the strange carved stones. With 4 kilometers length, 2 kilometers width and about 159 stones, Muong Hoa Valley certainly draw the attention of those loving the mysterious graphics.

The old church

The old church is famous as a stone church or the Holy Rosary church located in the center of Sapa. The church is one of the top places of Sapa tourism. The church is built in the early 20th century by the French. The shape and the architecture in the roof and the bell tower make the church elegant and impressive. Stone is the main materials for building the church, which makes Sapa more gorgeous and special. The church is an ideal place for the traditional activities of the ethnic minorities on local people with flute, trumpet leaves or “xoè” dance. The atmosphere in Sapa is sparkling by this.

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Silver waterfall (Thác Bạc)

In addition to the colorful view of the town, the Silver waterfall is one of the attractions for Sapa tourism that is not too crowded. The travelers can have a nice little hike to this lovely waterfall to take photos. Silver waterfall has a lot of birds and beautiful foliage, which seems to calm down the visitors and bring them into natural beauty. However, in the dry season, it is less water of the waterfall, so the travelers should check or ask in advance.

Weather and services in Sapa

Sapa is always one of the most attractive places of Vietnam, however, the travelers should pay attention to the climate and weather to have the best journey. From June to September, the weather is wet. Moreover, this is the high domestic season so the travelers can see the Kinh than the ethnic minorities. While from September to mid-December, the travelers can enjoy the nice weather with many beautiful views and take part in the outdoor activities as sight-seeing, photo-taking, camping trips. However, from December toward February, the weather is harshly cold, the temperature is zero with the winds blowing from China. In general, the travelers should reach Sapa at the period from March to May because the weather is warm and dry, which is perfect for trekking. From late September to mid-December, the cool and dry weather is wonderful for those love taking pictures and trekking. Other months as from June to September, Sapa is crowded with the Vietnamese travelers and the weather is raining while from Mid-December to February, the travelers will face up with the harsh winter and bottom temperature. It is advised that the travelers should check the weather in advance before making any decision for Sapa tourism

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Travelers have a variety of home-service available when choosing any kind of Sapa tourism. Once reaching there, the visitors should not forget to stay with the villagers a night to undergo the cultural activities. The popular homestay areas in Sapa are Ta Van Village with the Dzay and H’mong population, Ta Phin Village with Red Dzao people or Ban Ho village of Tay ethnic minority. Each of them has its unique beauty. Ta Van is attractive with the pretty rice terraces and Muong Hoa River. Ta Phin is famous for its ancient cave and traditional herbs. On the other hands, the visitors reaching Ban Ho can enjoy the cool summer and warm winter in the house on stilt.

Sapa tourism is a perfect destination for every visitor to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature. The spectacular views of plunging valley, mountains, and the terraced rice fields will certainly bring the travelers wonderful experience. Especially, the tourists can climb the mountain to enjoy the view from the highest Sapa (the peak can be reached all year round). Sapa is worth to be a home of the stunning mountain landscapes, verdant and amazing terraced rice fields and the traditional cultures of ethnic people.