It is said the Vietnam is one of the most countries which can keep the many festivals. Especially, coming there in the Mid-autumn festival, you easily find out that there are funny, bustling activities. Almost streets, houses and restaurants which have been colored with red and yellow of lanterns and boxes. The colorful lanterns are hung to attract people especially children. Additionally, you can join the particularly activities and look at the children who bring the lanterns in their hands. The cake boxes with warm red, yellow colors are handed from the friendly sellers.

They are specific features of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival

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In the history, the Mid- Autumn Festival has appeared for a long time and from the rice water civilization in Red River Delta. In the period, the atmosphere is cool and fresh and the fields are growing. According to the institute of local people, the farmers are relaxing and waiting for the successful harvest. In the past, this holiday was celebrated firstly in Vietnam because this event was carved in Ngoc Lu Copper Drum. Then the Chinese received Vietnamese Culture and expanded it to Korea, Japan.
Moon cake is a special food and only is eaten in this festival. There are two types such as bánh dẻo (sticky cakes) and bánh nướng (baked cakes). They are made from sticky rice flour and the latter with wheat flour crusts. It is combined of meet, egg yolk, flavor, mashed dried fruits, pumpkin or lotus seed and peanut. No doubts, according to institue of moon cake is a symbol of luck, happiness, health and wealth on this festival. It is a must try if you have chance to visit Vietnam during the Mid – Autumn festival.

The activities in Mid-autumn holiday

The activities in Mid-Autumn Festival are organized for children. You will admire the awesome feeling of children as they are gave the gifts from their parents. Lanterns represent the brightness and successfulness in education.

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The rare opportunity is for you to contemplate hundreds of traditional colorful lanterns which are hung in the 49th floor of the highest building in Ho Chi Minh City from 23 to 30 September 2012.
On that day, the children bring their colorful lantern and play with their neighbor’s kids to walk around the village. Not only that they also join the game together. And the old generations enjoy the moon cake with tea. At the that time, they can watch heir descendants having fun under the shining golden moon. They will share all happy stories together. In Vietnamese legend, people believe that Chi Hang ( The Moon Lady ) and Chu Cuoi ( The Moon Man), who are living in the Moon will bring fun and happiness to children as well. When his wife accidentally urinated on this sacred tree, it floated up to the moon, dragging Cuội with it. There are many stories around this history. For distance, you can hear about the man in the moon, in Vietnam, people claim to see a man and a tree in the full moon in the evening of Mid-autumn festival.
The smaller kids shrink back and the older ones run forward as a mythical unicorn bursts into their courtyard its giant head and sinuous body borne by a team of acrobatic dancers. With its gaping mouth and protruding eyes, the unicorn is both comical and formidable; the dancers lunging closer to the crowd and making the kids scream and laugh at their antics. In the moonlight, the unicorn’s red sequinned body sparkles. The gathered children have been waiting all year for this magical night.

Where can you enjoy the Mid – Autumn festival in Vietnam ?

When you come to Hanoi, let’s sure to visit Hang Ma and Luong Van Can streets, which will be packed with families buying toys and lanterns. On the night of the full moon, almost children bring the coloured lanterns on the street and they sing their neighbourhoods songs. Today, while most lanterns are made of plastic and imported from China, you can still find some traditional Vietnamese ones with bamboo frames. The classic ones are star-shaped and hail from Báo Đáp village in the northern province of Nam Định. Another Hanoi address to visit before the big night is 87 Mã Mây, where visitors can tour a traditional wooden tube house and watch local artisans preparing festival crafts. On Mid-Autumn holiday, coming Ho Kiem lake, you can see the musical shows organized by the Youth Theatre on Ngo Thi Nham Street and the Children’s Palace on Ly Thai To Street.

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Hoian is always beautiful with lantern especial on this festival. People will shut down the electricity and light up the lanterns. Whole town will transform into a magical flicker of candles, multi-colourful lanterns and lively gathering. Especially, Hoian is one of the best place where keep the long culture.

Ho Chi Minh City
In Ho Chi Minh City, you can witness preparations for this festival on Luong Nhu Hoc Street in Saigon’s Chinese district, Cho Lon is famous for its lanterns, masks and unicorn heads. Otherwise, while the lion and unicorn heads sold on this colourful street make great souvenirs. Then professional troupes head to 109 Trieu Quang Phuc Street, which has been selling unicorn heads to the city’s best dance troupes for five decades.

Finally, we hope that all information will help you understand about the specific holiday. One suggestion for you is to travel to Vietnam on Mid-autumn festival in order to gain more experience in there.