Almost tourists are satisfied with the itinerary of the north to south Vietnam as it is truly a wonderful journey covering all the destinations of this stunning S-shaped country. This country offers the history, breathtaking beaches and the vibrant color on this journey through startlingly beautiful Vietnam. Northern Vietnam is one of the best impressive places for someone who wants to discover the bustling city, mountainous area and beautiful beach. However, you cannot have enough time to visit all the places, Hanoi, Ha Giang, and Halong Bay are things to see in North Vietnam.

 Hanoi capital

Hanoi capital is known as the cultural and historical capital of Vietnam, which is perhaps the largest and best-preserved piece of history Vietnam. The tour will spend the whole day on discovering the streets of the city and enjoying almost the traditional foods of Hanoian such as Bun Cha, Cha Ca La Vong, BBQ, Banh Cuon and so on.

best time to visit Hanoi and Sapa (4)

The first complex of destinations in Hanoi includes the Mausoleum, his former stilt-house residence, and one-pillar pagoda. These places are home of President Ho Chi Minh, where he read the Declaration of Independence on 2/9/1945, giving birth to Vietnam. Then you should go to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology where is displayed the traditional tools of the 54 officially recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam.

In the afternoon, you should take a cyclo tour around Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy the winding narrow streets. Hanoi Old Quarter is famous for both old-style and modern – styled streets to adapt to the dynamic atmosphere. You will enjoy the ancient shops and storefronts appeared more than 1000 years. Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the center including a complex of Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, and Pen Tower.

One recommendation for you is to enjoy the Water Puppet show which is a traditional show of Vietnamese people. Through a story of the show, you will get more understand about the history in Vietnam.

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is bordered by picturesque limestone juts framing the horizon in all directions, which owns many views side of the Lo River. The first place in Ha Giang was Lung Cu flagpole, about 24 kilometers from the center of Dong Van district, was a meaningful tourist destination for visitors. Therefore, young Vietnamese people came here, put a hand near their heart and sang the national anthem. Lung Cu Flag: This is the must-see place in Dong Van district with the height odd 34.85m and located on the peak of Rong mountain with the height of 1.470m. Lung Cu Flag tower is decorated by Dong Son bronze drum surface – the symbol of Vietnam with the national flag with an area of 54 m2 which is representing for 54 ethnic groups. From the Lung Cu flag, you will admire the specular and majestic of the natural scenery of Dong Van Karst Plateau, the terraced rice fields and the roofs of local houses in the valley. Moreover, you can stand in Happiness road and take the photography as it is built for 11 years to build this road, contemplating mountain range. You will feel Ma Pi Leng’s owning majestic beauty and shy of the Nho Que river were the wonderful things to see in North Vietnam.

Hoang Su Phi is located in Northeast Vietnam. You have an opportunity to see the mountainous landscape, which is covered in thick forests broken up by many small tea farms and the iconic, rice terraces. To approach Hoang Su Phi district, you need to pass the high mountain, which offers many fantastic views of valleys below. On the road, you will see the daily labor of local people like picking up tea, growing the agricultural plants. The main local people in Ha Giang are Dao, Nung, Flower H’mong groups.


One of the most experience on the trip is to get knowledge of ethnic monitories. For example, you should spend time discovering the culture of Nung ethnic homestay. The Nung reside primarily in the Northern Vietnamese and is the main ethnic minority of Hoang Su Phi. They are hard on agriculture activities, such as tending rice paddies, farming on terraced hillsides as well as growing orchard products.

Their main income come from producing rice, maize, tangerines, persimmons, and anise. Besides, they are also known for their handicrafts, making items from bamboo and rattan, as well as weaving. You will see they cross hands and drink from the opposite glass to demonstrate trust. This group attracts foreigners through fairy tales, folk music, and ethnic identity tradition which are strong characteristics.

You should walk along Pho Bang street in order to get a deep feeling deposition in the morning. You also grace multi-story houses made of clay bricks and tile roofs. Visiting Dong Van on Sundays, you go shopping in a very original mountain market where all kinds of goods and multi-colored clothes were purchased. After that, you also taste the traditional local foods such as corn wine, Thang Co hot pot, BBQ, vegetables of H’mong ethnic in Meo Vac. While having a lunch, you also enjoy a simple and warm feeling in nature here. Dong Van is one of the famous attractions for the people who love discovering and adventure the sightseeing, the culture, the local lifestyle.

Dong Van ancient quarter – where has preserved the traditional beauties of some ethnic communities like H’Mong, Tay… This ancient quarter is bustle on the weekends because of the weekly market. Besides trading goods, local people from many ethnic groups and other places in their colorful brocade costume come here to meet and exchange the various culture, the traditional cuisines… This will create the colorful picture of an upland quarter.

Dong Van Karst Plateau is located at the height of 1000 meters above the sea level and is formed by the narrow valleys and plenty of rocky mountain range. This plateau was recognized as one of 77 geological parks in the world by UNESCO in 2010. The surface of this geological park is covered with plenty of limestone and rocky peaks at over 2000 meters above the sea level. You can take a trek in the rocky parks with a local guide, and they will show you the best view of the valley here, interact with local people or ethnic children who live around here. The park is so large with 2,300 km2, spreads over some district: Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh, Quan Ba; and the center of Rock Plateau is Dong Van district.

Say goodbye to majestic scenery and highest mountain range in Ha Giang, the journey continues to the beautiful land like the poem and romantic in Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Other things to see in North Vietnam is Halong Bay which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The most attractive point in Halong is admiring the landscapes on the beaches like caves, village. Not only that, tourists can try huge limestone karsts.

If you want to keep more memory in here, you should book the room on the cruise as you can grace the stunning landscapes on the beach and enjoy the delicious seafood suppers.

Coming Halong Bay, you have an opportunity on visiting the caves on the cruise. To save time for a businessman, you will visit several caves like Fighting Cocks, Duck, Finger, Incense Burner, and Stone Dog on the lunch onboard. Next, you come to Dau Go cave which is given a name from the remaining wooden pieces in the cave. There are three main parts in the grotto, which have a colossal pillar supporting the huge vault. Next, one special thing on the top of the pillar, you will see a monk draped in a long and dark cloak. The grotto as the picture of the ancient citadel and a scuffle of horses, elephants, and people. After that, you should visit other cave, like Sung Sot cave called“ Surprising cave” is a large cave including two chambers.

hạ long 1

On the second day, the tour will continue with Vung Vieng village – the largest fishing villages in Bai Tu Long. You have a chance to experience the villager’s daily life as well as observe the traditional culture and customs of the fishermen. Moreover, you continuous visit to Pearl Farm. In there, you should try several activities such as Sunbathing, traditional massage, swimming and so on before returning to the boat.

Additionally, one suggestion for you is to go kayaking by yourself at Ban Chan island. You will be attracted a unique masterpiece, bewitching any public mind in Ban Chan. The views come from the harmony between the clouds and water. This place is surrounded by rocks and trees of the green forest. Not only that, the sea, nature points with a poetic beauty and charm to heart with the fresh air, blue water, and white sand are stretching for kilometers beneath blue casuarina pines. You can enjoy yourself on the beach, swim and play some volleyball in the magnificent setting of Ban Chan.