Spectacular views, fascinating destination, the most ideal convalescence, the best must-go in Viet Nam are those you may hear about Sapa. Coming to Sapa, you will enjoy the best landscapes than ever in anytime of the year. However, to get your perfect trip to SaPa, you will need to know clearly about the weather or climate here as followings.

sapa beauty

Sapa always looks beautiful without the distinctions of seasons. Perching at 1650 m (5413 ft) above the sea level to North West of Viet Nam, Sapa town enjoys the sub-tropical climate that means Sapa’s weather is cool all year round. Particularly, a summer day in Sapa has all four characteristics of four seasons: spring in the morning, summer in the noon with light sunshine, fall evening with slight fog and little cloud in the sky and winter at night that means the temperature often reaches 14- 15oC. In general, the average temperature of Sapa is at 15oC annually. Due to its ideal position, the town is considered one of the best places for convalescence in Viet Nam with lots of French-style colonial villas and fascinating tourist spots. Sapa does not suffer with the severe sunlight of summer like other Northern regions of Viet Nam and in the winter, it also looks beautiful with falling snow and fog even snow covering gradually the town and its landscapes. The average rainfall of the town ranges from 1.800 to 2.200 mm, particularly reaching the highest level from May to August. That is why the peak seasons in Sapa are from September to November and from March to May. However, Sapa own the unique beauties of each season, which are waiting for you exploring.


It is said that spring is the best time for traveling in Sapa. The temperature at this time ranges from 15 to 23oC. You can enjoy numerous superb landscapes and nature attractions here under the ideal weather with clear blue sky, a little sunlight, cool breezes and more. It is also the time for hundreds of flowers blooming, which makes the whole Sapa and its surroundings sink to the colorful world of flowers, including peaches, orchids, plum flowers. The cool weather seems to be a unique feature of the spring in Sapa. Although the fog is not rich as in the winter, it still covers the town in spring, which makes Sapa looks more beautiful like a heaven. It is time for you trekking to explore the charming of Sapa at ethnic villages, ancient tourist spots like the Old Church, caves and Muong Hoa Valley.


There is no doubt that summer in Sa Pa is absolutely suitable for your trip to get away the hot weather. The average temperature is just 25oC. Sa Pa is a famous destination for French-style resorts, ancient villas waiting for the tourist to the town staying and enjoying the cool atmosphere and fresh air. It is time to contemplate the superb sceneries of amazing waterfalls like Thac Bac Waterfalls and adventuring the challenge of the Fansipan Peak. It is still cold a little bit in the early morning full of fog. Then there appears sunshine in the noon and the cloud wanders in the blue sky. In the evening, fog comes back and covers slight the town besides sudden rains. Hanging out in Sa Pa’s roads or markets is a wonderful experience that you should try on your trip to Sa Pa in the summer.


This is the best time for you experiencing the beauty of Sa Pa’s terraced paddy fields, especially Lao Chai village’s. The temperature often ranges from 21 to 25oC In autumn, the ripe terraced field which is selected as one of the most fantastic rice fields in Asia and in the world generates the superb sceneries of yellow rice and green of hills and forests surroundings. On the way to the town center, you may feel the autumn comfort and pleasance through the little cold breezes and slight sunshine. In the early morning of the fall, the cloud has not clear out yet and the fog has wandered around the town, which looks peaceful and fabulous like a picture. The picturesque sceneries under the cool weather may seduce most of the visitors to Sa Pa right the beginning of a trekking day. When the evening falls down, the sunshine is gradually replaced by the star night and slight light from the windows of smalls houses in the villages. Fall in Sa Pa is always pleasant, slight and comfortable. The evening in Sa Pa’s fall is pretty quiet but romantic at which you need time to enjoy such the best atmosphere apart from the bustle and hustle of the city life.


Sa Pa is one the few spots having snow in winter in Viet Nam. In the past, from 1957 to 2013, there were 21 snowfalls in this town and the strongest was on February 13, 1968 which the snow kept falling from 3:00 am to 14:00 pm with the thickness of snow layer up to 20 cm. Although it is a low season for tourism of Sa Pa due to its cold; however, if cold weather does not bother you at all and make sure that you following our tips, touring to Sa Pa in winter must be an amazing experience for you. The town is covered by drifting fog under the low temperature. A winter day in Sa Pa is so special with lots of climate condition changes, which could be slight sunny when you are sitting in front of a certain hotel’s hall and just 5 minutes later, the fog might cover around you and the ancient streets then disappear in the fanciful scenery. Winter in Sa Pa seems to be colder than other tourist attractions in the North of Viet Nam; however, it is time that you can see the most fantastic Ham Rong Mt. with lots of fascinating peach lines blooming. This is considered the best time to take a tour to Sa Pa’s night markets to explore the best souvenirs, craftworks and enjoy the yummy cuisines with lots of grilled and baked dishes that seems to be so suitable with winter conditions.


– You should take your visit to Sa Pa’s attractions in the afternoon (14h) and avoiding to trek in the evening because the thick fog may prevent from your sight.
– Always bringing you a coat, at least a thin one
– You should always bring your original ID card and certificate for birth for kids for security.
– Asking the prices of any services in Sa Pa in advance
– The most convenient vehicle is motorbike taxis.