Are you setting the planned travel Laos Vietnam Cambodia tour? One of the most popular destinations you shouldn’t miss on the trip is Southern Vietnam. The tour will start with the bustling, energetic Ho Chi Minh City, the historical Cu Chi tunnels, the local life in Mekong Delta.

Ho Chi Minh City

A bustling, energetic city – Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is embracing the new lease of economic life in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh, the French legacy is evident in the wonderful colonial buildings and you will be attractive by the awesome views from the Post Office wall. Ho Chi Minh City has much to offer as a short break destination in its own right and we have outlined a number of the sightseeing options, in and around, the city below.

The first place you should come to is Duc Ba church because of its design, apart from the intention to create a religious look, aims at showing the influence of French architecture. Some couples come to take photographs for the wedding. Continuously, Saigon Central Post Office is the next stop place for tourists which provides many services such as sending letters, changing money, selling stamps and coins.


Another place you should go to is Giac Lam Pagoda – Saigon’s oldest pagoda which was appeared in 1744. When you log in the pagoda, you can see 98 pillars, 113 statues and a plenty of mini-Buddhas. If you want to pray for your family the good health, you should write on the Wandering Souls. Especially, it is a good chance for you to discover the traditional structure of pagodas, where you can get more knowledge of the cultural characteristics of Vietnam.

If you want to approach the life of Vietnamese, you should go to Ben Thanh market. This market has appeared for a long time and it is known as a great place to find local handicrafts, Vietnamese art, and many souvenirs. This market is known as one of the symbols of present-day Saigon. Therefore, you are available to find some of the best products the country produces. One recommendation for you is to bargain the price of the goods you want. There are plenty of goods such as clothes, watches, foods and kitchen goods.

To understand the culture of Vietnam, you come to Saigon Opera House has been constructed by the French architect.  Its venue includes 468 seats offers a good view from every seat for many high-profile events in the city. The Saigon Opera House is known as a theater with traditional and classical performances.


Cu Chi tunnels

Leaving in Ho Chi Minh city, you visit the Chu Chi Tunnels are part of a massive war museum. Cu Chi tunnel is the historical destination in Laos Vietnam Cambodia tour. You will have a sight in the life of Vietnamese soldiers in 1948. The tunnels have over 120 kilometers which are constructed by trap doors, living areas, kitchens, armory, hospitals, and command centers.

You can discover the narrow routes of the underground tunnel. One of the interesting things you can know that you watch a short film of Chu Chi Tunnels in order to understand how the tunnel system works before entering the underground tunnels. The interiors of Cu Chi Tunnels are cemented and widened.

Every 10 meters will be set up an emergency exit point for safety. The cost for firing an M16 rifle is priced at VND 35,000 per bullet, with a minimum of 10 bullets. There is a restaurant serving meals that the underground soldiers had to live with years ago. There are tour operators that can arrange for a haft of a day tour for 800,000 VND which starts an early the day. There are three options for tourists transferring to Cu Chi tunnels such as by bus, taxi, and motorbike.

You can have a walk on knees inside the tunnel. While crawling, they can be told and explained about the tunnel’s structure and people’s daily life during the war. Continuously, tourists can take a visit to Cu Chi Ethnic Minorities Villages. As a result, you gain some knowledge about ethnic minorities including the costumes, the local activities as well as many other interesting kinds of stuff.


The ethnic village in Cu Chi is showed the miniature of Vietnam with a diversified culture of 54 peoples living in a harmony. We believe that a haft of a day traveling on Cu Chi will bring you the unforgettable trip with the Vietnamese historical features as well as diversified culture. After exploring the tunnels, you have more free time at the memorial temple, the shooting gallery or grab a bite to eat.

Mekong Delta

Continue the Southern region in Laos Vietnam Cambodia tour with the lush area of land known as the Mekong Delta. The miles of interconnecting canals and rivers here are known as “the green lungs of the Mekong.” It is responsible for the vast quantities of rice, fruit, and vegetables that are produced in the region, much of which ends up in the Delta’s fascinating and bustling floating markets.

It makes a great escape from the pressures of everyday life, to spend a few days in the Delta coursing through its veins and relaxing as you soak up the local way of life and glimpse a totally different part of the country. You have some options to transfer from Ho Chi Minh city to Can Tho like by car, by motorbike. This city is located in the center of the Mekong Delta, on the Hau River which is considered to be the region’s benefactor. Can Tho serves as the hub for the local rice and fruit trade as well as being the cultural heart of the region. Take a boat trip along the riverbanks to a floating restaurant and try some eel, a specialty of the region.

If you are staying in Can Tho an early morning excursion by boat to the Cai Rang floating market is a wonderful opportunity to see the local market traders in action.

Continuously, you will move to Ben Tre. You will get the chance to experience in the departing by a small boat, so you can use the one to start your sightseeing around the waterways of Mekong Delta. One suggestion for you is to discover the island with lush tropical gardens to know the history of the regions and steers.

Having a favorable condition of weather of the tropical climate, Mekong River Delta is known as the biggest fruit bowl of the country. The color of green covers almost the whole acreage of the area and makes it a catchy sight for tourists to come and explore. Knowing the distribution of valuable tourism products in localities, in most cities of Mekong River Delta, the task of tourism socialization has been improved on a larger scale with the participation of various economic sectors. Accordingly, local people are allowed to provide homestay service for tourists and thereby introduce some most worthy tourism destinations in an active Vietnam travel for both internal and external tourists. It is noteworthy that this unique type of tourism has been increasingly popular and partially brought tourists closer to the cultural beauty of the region.


The brick factory is one of the most popular places on the river as tourists will take a small boat on the waterways. The stopping place is a small homemade coconut to see how have been produced and sold in the market. If you love the tea, let’s visit a bee farm in order to taste a tasteful cup of authentic honey tea. This is special food here. You walk around quiet villages and watch the life of rural people in Mekong Delta. Another income of local people comes from the products out of coconut trees. You can bring to your country. Especially, you should participate in a demonstration of Vietnamese cooking as you enjoy a three-course lunch of Mekong specialties! Plusly, you should visit the traditional handicraft villages, tropical fruits gardens and enjoy the typical folk music in Southern Vietnam.

Cai Rang floating market

To approach the local life of Vietnamese, you should visit Cai Rang Floating Market is opened all day. Thus, you admire the selling activities in the past by using a traditional “offering pole” for exchanging consumer goods. The vendors can exchange the goods. The tourists usually have a breakfast on the river and buy some particular items such as fruit, daily tools, traditional foods,…It is believed that the price of these is quite cheap. One recommendation for you is to walk around the village and meet the friendly local people in order to get the experience in how to pass a “Monkey bridge”. The bridge is built by only one stem of bamboo. Let’s take a small boat to approach the wild birds Sanctuary to discover the arrays of splendid canals deep into the forest and watch storks, cranes and other tropical birds.

Chau Doc is placed on some fish farms and Cham Minority Village and the exit out by waterway to Cambodia. Cham villages are famous for a majestic, sparkling in the morning sunlight or sunset. Many houses also have the special architecture with decorative patterns and decoration. There are many beautiful young girls sitting to spin or weave brocade under the floor on the door railing. Cham women are very beautiful in the traditional clothing. You can try wearing them to take photographs. It is more fanciful.

To Cham villages, you should try once time a special dish of “beef sausage” called “Tung lo mo”. Shredded beef is the popular food made of delicious beef, after mincing together with beef fat, mixing with garlic, sodium glutamate, sugar… together a few esoteric spices.