When it comes to the best trekking experience in Vietnam, Sapa hiking trails should be added at the top of your list. Thanks to its mountainous topography and the diversity of the ethnic communities, Sapa undoubtedly delivers the most unforgettable trekking memories. The awe-inspiring natural scenes and the deep understanding of the ethnic culture are […]

The previous article has introduced you many lakes in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. In this article, we would like to take you on a tour of other North Vietnam attractions, specifically in Hanoi, which is the old quarter. This place should be on the top list of North Vietnam attractions. To know why we […]

Many people choose train as their main means of transport while traveling from the capital, Hanoi to the lovely town, Sapa. Common questions could be how long from Hanoi to Sapa by train, how much the tickets cost or which type of train services passengers should take. These questions have been answered in other articles. […]

The north of Vietnam is one of the most important regions in this S-shaped country because it is considered to be a root of Vietnam. it is widely believed that there are many North Vietnam attractions, especially in Hanoi, the capital city of this Southeast Asian country. Today article will introduce you some of the […]

Up until now, I have traveled by Vietnam train from Hanoi to Sapa several times, so I am confident to say that I have gained some valuable experience regarding this subject. Today, I am happy to share with you what I have known, in order to help your preparation become shorter and more effective. First, […]

Your travel itinerary to Vietnam seems incomplete without visiting the North. In fact, the region should always be added to your bucket list since it is a captivating mix of crisp fresh air, magnificent mountainscapes, picturesque scenery, and colourfully-clothed hill-tribes. And you can experience all mentioned things through a journey to the small town of […]

What makes Sapa popular and well-known is the place for trekking and enjoying cool weather. For many tourists, travelling to Sapa is indeed a journey through time and space where they are able to spread their eyes over breathtaking rice terraces, enjoy frigid winter temperatures, experience the distinct dialect of the minority groups, stay the […]

Sapa is famous for the terraced rice fields, ethnic people lifestyles, ancient traditions, impressive mountains, natural wildlife, local markets… Undoubtedly Sapa is one of the most gorgeous and unique places in Indochina. Trekking Sapa is a wonderful trip with experience in the life of ethnic people’s habits, customs, and culture. The tour will help you […]

  Sapa is not only favored by the beautiful scenery, the fresh air, the cool climate or the majestic mountains but also has its features of culture, cuisine. After a long day of climbing, walking around local villages, admire the beauty of nature here, finding a good place to grab lunch or dinner is always […]

Sapa is one of the must-come destinations of Vietnam. It attracts tourists on the natural beauty and special culture of the mountainous norths of our country. To explore this town, you should find what is the best place to stay in Sapa first. There are hundreds of accommodations here, from hostels with a cheap price […]