Sapa is not only favored by the beautiful scenery, the fresh air, the cool climate or the majestic mountains but also has its features of culture, cuisine. After a long day of climbing, walking around local villages, admire the beauty of nature here, finding a good place to grab lunch or dinner is always the thing tourists fret over. Don’t worry as we’ll give you top 5 best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam to choose.


  • Red Dao House – One of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam


Located on the way to Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac), the Red Dao House Restaurant is designed with a traditional style of the Red Dao people. This is considered one of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam you should visit when traveling here.

Red Dao restaurant is named after the Red Dao ethnic people. They live in Sapa’s area. They are distinguished by the red headscarves which their women wear.

Visiting Red Dao House, you will have a chance to experience the authentically Vietnamese meal in a wooden house and enjoy a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Besides that, all staffs are very amiable and professional in the lovely traditional uniform of Red Dao People.

The restaurant serves various dishes of both Vietnamese and Western cuisines, only from USD 2 for a breakfast and USD 5 for lunch and dinner.

On the menu, there are rural specialties such as ‘’heo rung cap nach’’, the pan-fried pawn with garlic, bamboo-tube rice, roasted duck with honey, beef steak with mushroom sauce, and chicken hot pot. All have an affordable price.

Red Dao House also offers a wide choice of drinks such as Red Dao wine, Vietnamese coffee, Vietnamese jasmine tea, Lao Cai beer, etc.

Another special thing, that’s tourists can enjoy their meal served inside the house. Or you can seat outdoors if you wish to eat in an open space under the sunshine to admire the Sapa Town’s view.

This restaurant accepts both payments in cash and credit cards. Come here and you will have a wonderful experience about the cuisine of North Vietnam.

2. A QUYNH – Vietnam Discovery Restaurant

If you come to Sapa, you shouldn’t miss experiencing the dishes of A QUYNH – Vietnam Discovery Restaurant – one of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam.

Located in the center of the town with a large space, this restaurant is so cozy with unique architecture bearing bold identity. A Quynh is also a place where the convergence of famous ethnic dishes such as Thang Co, Salmon Hotpot, sturgeon, Chicken Hill, Pig, Com Lam, smoked meat …

Especially, many tourists come here to try the “Thang co” dish made from meat and internal organs of the horse, beef, buffalo, and pork. Thang Co soup is a typical traditional dish of Hmong people and then introduced to other ethnic groups like King, Dzao, Tay…”Thang Co” is a mispronunciation of “Thoang Co” in the language of Hmong people, means the hot pot of soup, meat cooked traditionally is the horse and over time added with beef, buffalo meat or pork.

Other dishes that shine are the bamboo-tube rice, smoking-shelf buffalo, stream fish, sautéed and baked food made from wild boar, and horse hotpot.

A Quynh restaurant is a rendezvous for visitors who want to enjoy this mountainous specialty every time they go to Sapa. All the dishes are prepared and cooked in the old fashion with strange spices, very unique only in the highlands, making it unforgettable for the tourists.

On the Friday and Saturday night, visitors also enjoy the traditional dances and songs performed by young tribal boys and girls. This is an unforgettable memory for the foreign visitors when visiting A Quynh – Vietnam Discovery Restaurant – one of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam.

3. Little Sapa   

Little Sapa Restaurant is also a not-to-be-missed place for enjoying the best food in Sapa. The restaurant is a hidden gem in the middle of Cau May street- the tourist area of Sa Pa.

Little Sapa Restaurant provides French, Vietnamese, Asian, Italian and vegetarian dishes. Here, customers will get ultimate satisfaction with a wide choice of food at a reasonable price.

The restaurant presents a hard combination of both local patrons and tourists. The Pho-Ga (Chicken noodle soup) served the strong garlic sauce sitting on all tables creating a great accompaniment to most dishes is one of the most outstanding dishes here.

Moreover, some favorites dishes here are spring rolls, salmon hotpot, smoked meat, Com Lam… The menu of the restaurant is very variable for different dinners.

Besides, the staff is very friendly and supports you at any time. But they are not really good at speaking English so you need to be patient enough while ordering so that they can do understand and get it right most of the time.

Having the prices among the much lowest in Sapa town (meals cost from $2 to $5) and the quality of food is still very highly appreciated, Little Sapa is thought to be the best place to enjoy the truly authentic and very reasonable Vietnamese food. That’s why many tourists called it as one of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam


Situated around the corner of Fansipan, this new opening restaurant Hill Station Signature is well worth checking out.

The Hill Station Signature Restaurant impresses customers for its great setting offering an amazing view overlooking fantastic valleys. Stunningly beautiful setting with spectacular views, the menu is really diverse coming with the wine list wide enough to please any kinds of guests. A seat on the floor or a standard table is available for you to choose from. For many people, sitting on the floor is not really comfortable but the bamboo cushions give them a sufficient lift for a bit of comfort together with the help of good wine.

Especially smoked pork belly and the tofu are regarded as the two best dishes of this restaurant.

For vegetarians, The Hill Station Signature Restaurant also serves excellent seasonal vegetables of Sapa that’s presented in the traditional style. Besides that, the high-quality Sapa rainbow trout which has turned into a Sapa specialty since the breeding program started in 2005 is also a good option…

This restaurant has a truly beautiful setting, with fantastic valley views, the menu is innovative and the wine list wide enough to please any palate. Stop by The Hill Station Signature Restaurant – one of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam  – to experience the true flavors of the ethnic cuisine of Northern Vietnam.

5.    Nature View    

Another great point in Sapa is Nature View. Nature View is best known for Vietnamese and European food.

As the name implies, the view of Nature View Restaurant (51 Fansipan St, Sapa) is fantastic. Located right in the heart of Sapa town and has a beautiful landscape, Nature View is a restaurant has long won the hearts of visitors both at home and abroad. Having dinner and eating at the restaurant, you will be watching the majestic beauty of Sapa when looking up to see the PhanxiPang mountain range, overlooking Muong Hoa valley with green terraced fields.

The restaurant has a harmonious combination of luxury and warmth, close to nature with the main space of the restaurant decorated with mountain wood with the wood material is the main suitable for the party. It also has outdoor space suitable for family dining, banquet. Moreover, you can book a private room to enjoy quiet meeting with your guests.

Although one of the most expensive restaurants in Sapa, Nature View is well worth it. Great space, great food, quick service, and professionalism are the advantages of this restaurant.

Even when making a good set menu, this restaurant serves both delicious local cuisine and even the foreign dishes. Offering a large number of vegetarian options on the menu, Nature View is one of the favorite places to eat in Sapa for vegetarians. Especially, customers can have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh fruit of Sapa.

Go to Nature View Restaurant, you will enjoy other delicious dishes such as Com Lam, noodles style Sapa, grilled salmon …. will certainly give you the unforgettable experience.

Lovely meal, quick and efficient service, friendly staff and unbeatable view make the Nature View Restaurant one of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam.

Here are some favorite restaurants for you to experience the cuisines of the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam. This area has specialties that are nowhere in Vietnam. So, when coming to Vietnam, do not forget to enjoy them!