A great news for traveller who love to adventure the northwest Vietnam with a limited time given. The Highway Ha Noi – Lao Cai with total length 265 kilometers giving a good solution for tourists. The trip starts from Ha Noi, driving along the Red Delta and passing four provinces Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Lao Cai and ends in Sapa with totally 5 hours driving. The highlight of the trip is the beautiful landscape along the road that you can see by day in the northwest mountains area. In this article, we offer the useful information about Hanoi Sapa Bus schedule for travelers.

What services included:

Bus Sapa Express: Limousine with 29 reclining seats,

– Tour guide

– Air-conditioner

– Wifi

– Headphone

– Water, tea, café, candy, wet tissue

– Travel blanket, pillow

– Bread and some snacks on board.


Queen Cafe Vip Open Bus (~10usd)

Our car and tour guide will pick you up at the meeting point ( No. 208 Tran Quang Khai to Street Or Hanoi Old Quarter) then depart to Sapa, following Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway.

You will have chance to admire the beauty of northwest mountains that has terraced fields. You will have a short break in 30 minutes then continue the trip to Sa Pa.

Soft Berth – 38 Berth 07.00 AM13.00 PM 14.00 PM19.30 PM 10.00 USD
Soft Berth – 38 Berth 22.00 PM 3.30 AM 10.00 USD



– 30% surcharge on holidays.

 Price is applied for adult (USD/ pax)

Children under 3 years old is be free

Children from 4 to 6 of age is applied 75% of adult fare (seating bus)

Children over 7 years old is applied as adult (seating bus)

Green Bus Station (~12usd)

Depart time:

Beths: 07.00, 13.30, 21.30, 22.00

Limousine 9: 07.00

Free pick up Hanoi old quarter

Add: 21 Hang Thung Street – Hoan Kiem Lake

From Sapa – Hanoi

Depart time:

Beths: 08.00, 13.30, 16.00, 22.00

Limousine 9: 15.30

Free pick up hotel in Sapa – Sapa Town


Eco Sapa Bus Limosines (~20usd)

We are the very first company offering Dcar Luxury Bus in Hanoi. The comfort is high as the van is equipped with only 8 flight seats instead of the normal 16 seats. We offer daily bus Hanoi – Sapa – Hanoi with the schedules:

Hanoi Sapa Bus Schedule

06:30 – 07:00 Pick up at your hotel (Hanoi Old Quarter)

5-hour direct drive incl. 20-minute break

12:15 – 12:30 Arrive at your hotel in Sapa town

Sapa – Hanoi Bus Schedule

15:00 – 15:15 Pick up at your hotel in Sapa

5-hour direct drive incl. 20-minute break

21:00 – 21:30 Arrive at your hotel in Hanoi

Sapa Express Bus (13~16 usd)

♦ Departure 07:00 AM

06.30: Free pick up at your hotel in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and transfer to Sapa Express Bus → 07:00: Departure to Sapa → 09:00: Have a rest-stop at Km57 for 30 minutes, here you can go to toilet also → 12:00: Stop within 15 minutes at Km237 for the second rest-stop → 13:00: Arrival Sapa town – stop at our office, No 02 Cau May street.


♦ Departure 22:00 PM

21:30: Free pick up at your hotel in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and transfer to Sapa Express Bus → 22:00: Departure to Sapa → 23:30: Have a rest-stop at Km57 for 30 minutes, here you can go to toilet also → 22:30: Stop within 15 minutes at Km237 for the second rest-stop → 03:30: Arrival Sapa town – stop at our office, No 02 Cau May street.

Limousine 29 seats 07.00 am 13.00 pm 17.00 USD
Luxury Soft 32 Beds 07.00am 13.00 pm 13.00 USD
Luxury Soft 32 Beds 22.00pm 03.30 am 13.00 USD


Our car and tour guide will pick you up at Sapa town then come back to Sapa by Bus Sapa Express – Noble Limousine 29 seats.

Limousine 29 seats 16.00 pm 21.30pm 17.00 USD
Luxury Soft 38 Beds 15.30 pm 21.30pm 13.00 USD
Luxury Soft 38 Beds 22.00pm 03.30 AM 13.00 USD



– 30% surcharge on holidays.

– Children under 5 years old are free

– A meal will be offered with surcharge

Green Lion Bus Vip 9 Seats Limusines (~20usd)

Hanoi Sapa Bus schedule

Hanoi : 06:30 – 07:00 Pick up at your hotel (Hanoi Old Quarter)

Hanoi : 15:00 – 15:30 Pick up at your hotel (Hanoi Old Quarter)

Drop Hotels in Sapa Town

Sapa  Hanoi bus schedule

Sapa : 08:00 – 08:30 Pick up at your hotel in Sapa

Sapa : 15:00 – 15:15 Pick up at your hotel in Sapa

Drop Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel


– The tickets of one way is offered for all trips except those on Friday and Sunday.

– The driver pick up from hotels in Hanoi to the bus station

– Ticket price does not include meals on the bus but include snack and drinks.

– Free for child under 2 years old.


The list of destinations in Sapa

Terrace field rice on the harvest season at Sapa town, famous to

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat attracts tourists for its distinctive customs and practices. After approaching the foot of the mountain by the motorbike or by car, you can walk to Cat Cat Village and its nearby hills provide an opportunity to see farms and techniques used by the people in the area. Cat Cat village is home of the Black H’mong people, who is famous for its brocade weaving craft as well as its gold and silver jewelry making. Actually, we believe that this is a good opportunity to purchase some traditional souvenirs and handicrafts right from the craftsmen such as twisting flax and weaving fabric.

In addition to getting a glimpse of the local ethnic people going about their daily life, it is also possible to get involved with some of the traditional activities including fabric weaving. Plus, this is a great time to shop for traditional handicrafts and souvenirs from the local craftsmen.

A further benefit of visiting the Cat Cat Village is the ability to use the road as an interesting and easy path for trekking. This village is only about a 25 to 30-minute walk from the center of Sapa, and the relaxed hike through the mountains will give the traveler an opportunity to gaze at the water buffaloes, waterfall, and rice paddies

Y Linh Ho village

After finishing with Cat Cat village, you continue discovering Y Linh Ho village, which is a small commune composed of many small hamlets scattering on the very tough mountain terrain with high and steep mountains. Black H’mong people wear the dark clothing and on the hands of older H’mong women is navy dyed with indigo. Their houses are built on the farmland. As a result, the only way to get to the village is on foot on the road.

Ta Phin village

Visiting Ta Phin is one of the most popular activities in what to do in Sapa for 2 days. Firstly, passing the terraced rice fields then you will approach to Ta Phin. Ta Phin village is located in the Northeast of Sapa. Moreover, this village is bordered by mountain slopes with the rice terrace fields. There are two ethnic groups living in there including the Red Dao and the Black Mong. Therefore, you will have a chance to know the unmixed cultural life of Black Hmong and Red Dzao minorities. Especially, you will know how to make the distinctively handmade brocades by ethnic people. All of the products have numerous bright colors and patterns such as a bag, purse, skirt, and even backpack and coat.

Giang Ta Chai village

You continue walking cross a bamboo forest to Giang Ta Chai., which is home to a Red Dao ethnic minority village. Giang Ta Chai is known as a home of H’mong local people then you can know how they make their clothing. They typically weave and embroider the fabric themselves. You have a chance to buy the souvenirs from them such as crafts, embroidery.

homestay in Sapa (2)

You will grace a superb view of mountain and rice paddy fields of Muong Hoa Valley. Muong Hoa valley is famous for lots of colorful flowers. Therefore, you can have a chance to admire the beautiful views. You will start climbing uphill to a road. You continue driving back down to the Golden Stream and the Love Waterfall. Actually, Love Waterfall is the ideal place for relaxation because you have a chance to explore a legendary love story that has been told to generations in this land as well. If you stand from afar, the waterfall looks like a twinkling pyramid under the sun. Silver fall owns stunning views of surrounding mountains and lush forests. When you stroll on the road through the forest, you will grace the beauty of flowers with the various colors, which creates the particular scenery here.

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa is known as the largest farmland for rice growing in Sapa, which is one of the most famous places for breathtaking scenery. This valley is located on two lines of the mountain – south-east of SaPa town. It is far from town about 14 kilometers. To approach Muong Hoa Valley, you can trek along Muong Hoa River. On the way, you can learn more about how is the rice cultivating. Muong Hoa valley is known as a valley with blooming of colorful flowers in a wide range of various beauties.

Bac Ha market

Bac Ha market is the largest market. Yet the distance has never discouraged them from joining the Sunday colorful market. This market is constructed on the main square to display the particular products such as handicrafts, food, goods, … Each has its own trait and worth joining. It is not simply a place for buy and sell but also an opportunity for people from different ethnicities to come and meet. If you want a relaxing place to get away from the tourist crowd in Sapa, this market is the option. It is worth investing for the road is curvy and challenging, even after significant improvement.