Located in the mountain of Lao Cai – a northern Vietnamese province, Sapa is one of the top tourist attractions of Vietnam. Thanks to the geographic condition, Sapa has a favorable climate which can satisfy almost visitors stepping here. However, the travelers should take into careful consideration to desire their best time to visit Sapa in Vietnam. The weather is changed with time, each season or even each month has its attractiveness, checking activities, climate and the outstanding points of each period of time are crucial to have the best journey.

Overview about Sapa

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Sapa has a similar climate with the rest of the country – seasonal changing weather. In the summer, the humid and hot tropical weather is the norm while in the winter; the milder temperatures dominate the pretty town with fog and even snow in some recent years. It is recommended that the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam is from March to May or from September to November. In those times, the travelers can enjoy the relatively cool with temperatures (15°C to 20°C) and humidity ranging from 75% to 91%. The nice weather is ideal for visiting the spectacular natural landscapes and fascinating cultural diversity. Travelers reaching here can take part in many fascinating activities as going trekking or stare at the magnificent rice terraces or stay and learn the culture of the ethnic groups and cultures. In addition, almost services are available in Sapa, the costs are suitable for many tourists. Sapa is definitely an ideal place for traveling for every part of year; the summer is a good choice for hot temperature escape while autumn is awesome with comfortable weather.

Summer in Sapa

For those who are kicking with the hot weather and high temperature exceeding 40 degrees, Sapa is the first and best choice for a relief; some people even say that Sapa town is chock-full of Vietnamese visitors as a way for summer escaping. Reaching Sapa, opening the doors of the hotel’s room and feeling the rush of cool air must convince all travelers. The open-air amphitheater in the evening is swarming with the kids flashing the rocket toys up to the sky and some of them stand in circles and playing Caus back and forth (Caus is the shuttle-cock-like objects). Travelers can watch or together with H’mong people perform the traditional dances as well as sing the old songs on the stage.

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The weather of Sapa in those summer day are quite comfortable. In comparison with the spring, the climate is warmer and cleaner. However, in the last days of summer, the weather can be wet and slipperier. Summer is a perfect time for the foreign travelers to gain the real experiences of growing rice in the magnificent terraced rice fields with ethnic people. In the summer day, the fields shine like a mirror reflecting the contrast of the reddish brown of soil, the high blue sky and the green forest. And at the end of the summer, the green fields have spread from the foot to top of mountains, which might make the visitors have a feeling of a hand-made creation of uniqueness. The valleys are beautifully covered with lime-green smooth color. The farmers with the buffalos dot the countryside, which seems to look like a pretty natural picture from afar. Furthermore, the romantic beauty of this town is more special with the blooming flowers spreading out colorfully on valleys. Summer might be the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam for the both Vietnamese people as well as foreign tourists.

Autumn in Sapa

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Fall is highly recommended as the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam. The rainfall is not as high and frequent as the summer time, the weather becomes milder and drier. The travelers can enjoy the nice weather with cool temperature and admire the natural beauty of Sapa. The scenery of Sapa brings people the feeling of bursting and peaceful. Fall is the time when the rice fields of local people here turn into yellow. The rice fields look like golden silk carpets flying with the wind, which make the mountainous landscape astonishingly beautiful. The yellow color of the terraced rice fields together with other plants as “Tam That”, amomum or anise definitely impress the tourists. Especially, on some cloudy day, the visitors can both enjoy the sunlight and the swinging picture of cloud in the high mountains. Sapa is compared with the majestic natural painting with harmonious layout that creates picturesque scenes. Once reaching Sapa in an early morning of the autumn, the travelers can feel like they can directly taste, smell or even touch the purity of Sapa.


Sapa in the winter seems to be harsh for some people. The temperature sometimes can drop down to below zero degree, the tree branches and grass are fully covered with the white of ice. However, this can be the wonderful time for the tourists and photographers who love to find the different aspect of the beautiful town in wintertime. Moreover, the winter can be the great time to welcome the Christmas Holiday and New Year vacation with the snow. Especially, staying in Sapa these days and enjoy the snowy weather in a beautiful town with many ancient features can bring travelers back to the childhood days with Snow Queen fairy tale of Andersen.

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Spring in Sapa Vietnam

Spring in Sapa is the great chance for the fans of flowers because there are many stunning flowers convergent in this land. Different from Da Lat – the city of many kinds of rare and exquisite flowers, Sapa is unique with the beautiful wildflowers of the North West Mountain. Cherry blossom is the most famous and outstanding flower of Sapa. Cherry blossom blooms at the beginning of the year, often after the Tet’s holiday in Vietnam and wilts at the end of the spring. Being seen everywhere from the slopes to the gardens of the local people or even along the road leading into the mountain, Cherry blossom is considered as the symbol of this area. In addition, the visitors can stare at the white forest of plum flowers. Plum blossoms only bloom in 2 or 3 weeks and then will start to wilt for the young fruit. The travelers can also meet many kinds of flowers as pear flower, wild apricot, some flowers from other countries and some pretty but nameless flowers.

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Spring is the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam; the beauty of the flowers together with the nice weather certainly makes Sapa the best destination for the open trip in the beginning of a year. In these spring days, the weather can be a little cold, however, the sunshine will definitely make Sapa warmer in daytime. The travelers can enjoy the natural scenery in the chilly air with early spring sunshine, lying and gaze at the gentle harmony of the sky to have a feeling of happy and peaceful.

Above are some significant features of 4 seasons of the pretty land – Sapa. Spring is bright with many kinds of flowers as peach blossoms or pear or plum blossoms, summer brings the travelers the comfortable feeling of a peaceful land, fall is a perfect time to see the handmade beauty from the terraced rice fields with the cool weather while winter is completely suitable for the artists. Visitors should consider the personal taste, the time of the trip and the above information about Sapa to choose the suitable time for their trip. The brief information of weather and significant points of Sapa in each season mentioned in the article is hoped to be useful for the travelers to decide the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam.