One of the first questions that come to mind of a traveler is deciding on a time to go. In fact, even when you do the search or ask for advice on a “best time” to visit the country, chances are that not all of you can afford to plan it exactly as advised. Don’t worry about the best time to visit Hanoi and Sapa as in the article, even you come to any time, you completely admire the particular destinations. However, if you avoid the monsoonal season, which means different weather patterns from North to South, will have more choices for traveling. Plus everyone has a preference: some cannot tolerate the scorching heat, some want to be in a non-crowded area while others prefer to meet the people and feel the culture.

Hanoi attracts many foreigners both of the peaceful life, the intimate atmosphere, and the weather in there. Affected by the tropical monsoon climate, Hanoi has two seasons, including dry season and rainy season. Particularly, Hanoi still experiences all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Sapa is the famous rice terraces populated by many ethnic minorities. The ideal place for a trek and overnight at the homestay and visit the colorful markets. Many treasures could not remain hidden:… a little effort to think outside the big trap will be necessary, but there are still plenty of corners well preserved. Three criteria point attracting others including the weather, the rice harvest cycle, and market days. Visit an ethnic market is an amazing experience not to be missed, ideally plan the day of your arrival to Lao Cai.

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To enjoy the best weather conditions and best landscape, the best months are August, September or October. Yes, in detail, the information gathered from a black Hmong guide who was born and lives in Sapa.


The cold weather of Vietnam will start from December and until the begin of March, with the average temperature of 17.2 degrees. However, sometimes it may decrease to below 10 degrees, so you must bring some serious warm clothes if you do not want to get cold! Coming here in the winter, you can try street foods which can warm you up on a chilly day. Especially, Christmas belongs to winter season which is the particular holiday has been received much recognition from the local residents. Almost streets are decorated with Noel’s patterns. Located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hang Ma Street is displayed many things to decorate on several holidays such as International Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year Eve, Christmas, and Tet Holiday. If you need to decorate your Christmas tree as well as gifts and cards can easily be picked up here low prices.
On the night of Christmas holiday, there are many fantastic music shows in Hanoi Opera House. The content of those shows is no doubt about Christmas.

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From Hanoi to Sapa by train, you will catch up the paradise of the mountain. In winter, the weather is perfect and suitable for sightseeing, photo-taking, and camping. In December, Sapa is cold and foggy with occasional sunny days when the view is much better. Winter is regarded as one of the most favorite time to travel the country. Like another destination in Vietnam, Sapa attracts a large number of travels from everywhere to come and have amazing experiences on the weather of the tropical – climate country. The foggy town has been chosen by almost of families, couples and groups of friends to have fantastic and unforgettable vacations. In winter, many points of interests in Vietnam are quite less visited, but Sapa always appeals to tourists, even all year round.


Starting from March to May, Hanoi’s weather is humid and wet with drizzles. The average temperature usually ranges from 15 to 20 Celsius degrees. Because this kind of weather is suitable for the plants to rise and flowers to blossom, spring will be the best time for tourists to witness the vitality of tropical nature. This season is also the time for Lunar New Year, which helps you experience in the traditional activities.

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Nhat Tan village is blooming with a variety of flowers. So you should visit Nhat Tan village to enjoy the early Tet atmosphere at Hanoi’s flower market. Nhat Tan village is famous for pink peach flowers and bustling with chrysanthemums, honeysuckles, globe amaranths and carnations. Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of the best places in Hanoi, which attracts more visitors in a lunar year. The festival is organized in the elaborate pagoda which is built on the ashes of a Vietnamese hero and it is especially famous for the performances of traditional water puppet.

The weather is dry which makes perfect time for trekking. One of the most attractive things in Sapa as the view of plants grow and flowers blossom. Spring is one of two best seasons for tourist to visit Sapa. January is evaluated as the coldest month in Sapa when the weather is foggy and cloudy all the time. Sapa’s temperature is only 8°C, providing an exciting opportunity for one who can endure the coldness. The weather gets a little warmer in February, as the potential sign of an upcoming spring.


Coming to Northern Vietnam in the summer season, somebody is worry about the weather is hot with an average temperature of 32 degree Celsius. However, it’s not so hot that can cause serious troubles. These weather conditions are typical in tropical countries. If you want to experience in the tropical weather, this could the best time for you to visit Hanoi. You have an opportunity to eat the foods in the summer like ice cream, noodles and so on.

The summer leads from June to August and it is hot and burning sunshine. Sapa is cooler than Hanoi with daily temperature ranging from 20 to 25°C and night temperature around 15°C. However, when you visit Sapa in the period, maybe you meet the rainy so it is not favorable conditions for a stroll around this lovely town. The rains in July usually come suddenly so be well prepared with umbrella and raincoat. While the temperature remains quite stable in August, it is the peak month of rain and typhoons.

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The sky in Sapa is absolutely clear and blue, which makes the landscapes more amazing. The sun shines creates blue sky; all that visual effects come together to make Sapa much more outstanding.


Hanoi in fall is just gorgeous and romantic. Although this season only lasts two months, it is the perfect time for romantic people who have memorable experiences. In the autumn, Hanoi is charming with warm sunlight shining all the streets and the trees. All that beautiful things come together to make the walking slowly along the streets just stunning and romantic. Autumn is the time for perfume mushrooms, wood ears and plenty of specious medicinal plants… The sky is the vividly brightened with golden sun-rays and playful white clouds which seem to land on the ground, over the heads of people or on tops of trees.

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Autumn of Sapa is different from one of any season, the coolness here lasts all day, only in the evening and early in the morning, the weather is a little colder due to the thick fog here. Enjoying the mild weather, sunny day warm day plus a little cold left from last night – everything is quite ideal for tourist activities here such as visiting the tourist sites, enjoying an outdoor picnic,… or you can also go hiking, camping, trekking to villages of Sapa,… without worrying about the weather. If you are looking forward to admiring the rice season of Sapa, then you have to travel to Sapa in the Fall. Because the time from the end of August to the ending of October is the best time to watch Sapa rice season. Autumn is harvest rice. The rice terraces in Sapa suddenly changes the color, it looks like they’re wearing a new shirt with a stunning yellow highlighted in the clear blue sky. Fansipan – the roof of Indochina – has been a tough challenge for even the experienced climbers, however, since the cable car came into operation, it has created the opportunities for many people to set foot here, watch the clouds floating in the highest place in Vietnam. Because actually the scenery of autumn forest when looking down from the Fansipan, the scenery is so beautiful, like a fairyland.