Ham Rong Mountain not only does the most attractive place to have a panorama of Sapa but also is widely renowned as the royal garden with wide range of flowers blooming all year round. Ham Rong Mountain is currently the most well-known tourist destination in Sapa due to the favorable center situation. Situated right adjacent to […]

Sapa is famous for not only beautiful, grandiose landscape but also numerous kinds of food which attract tourists. I am sure that this land is a promising destination for every tourist. If you have no idea about cuisine in Sapa, let me give you some suggestions. 1. Roasted food Your trip will be less exciting […]

Homestay is tourism type in which tourists will stay at home of local people and be considered to be a member of the family. Taking a homestay tour, tourists will have the opportunity to not only contemplate the natural scenery, enjoy traditional food, explore culture but also mingle with local people in a normal working […]

In the list of the places of attraction in Vietnam, Hoang Lien Son mountain range with mighty Fansipan mount is always listed as the most attractive place to go in Sapa of the four seasons of the year. If the winter brings ice and snow which whiten the mountains with the extremely cold weather, the […]

For many foreign visitors especially those come to Vietnam for the first time Sapa is a must-to-visit place. But Sapa is a mountainous district with high and difficult topography. Moreover, many visitors may be confusing how to go in Sapa. In order to help you plan a good itinerary, here are some places for you […]

A trekking tour may be the most suitable tour for those who want to explore the true soul of Sapa. Participating in a Sapa trekking tour, you will have the opportunity to not only contemplate breathtaking sceneries but also experience the true lives of local people. There are a wide number of trekking tours with […]

Y Ty is an ethnic village in Lao Cai province which is near the Vietnam – China border. The village has long been well-known for dreamy and charming beauty and becoming a promising destination for many couchsurfers. 340 kilometers from Hanoi, Y Ty is a mountainous ethnic village which is not easy to come due […]

Sapa is not only a wonderful destination of culture, cuisine, and tourism attractions but also a land famous for unique architectural buildings. The architecture of Sapa in particular and Lao Cai in general may be divided into two main styles. One is traditional style of local ethnic groups, the other is the Western style with […]

There is a famous saying that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” and it is also an important note you should bear in your mind to avoid indelicacy situations. Sapa is a Northwestern mountainous district of Vietnam where many ethnic minorities in Vietnam live like H’mong, Dao, Tay, Pho … Local people in […]

Once visiting Sapa, tourists cannot help participating in markets of local people. It is the place that expresses cultural features most fully. Of all Sapa markets, Simacai market is becoming a promising destination of tourists from all around the world thanks to traditional customs and habits which has not been affected by tourist commercialization. To […]