Have no idea for travel to Sapa from Hanoi? Situated in the most remote mountain areas of Northwest Vietnam, 350 kilometers away from Hanoi, Sapa has long been a stunning and charming tourist destination, thanks to its cool fresh air, special stilt villages, as well as picturesque sceneries filled with rugged rice terraces, steep valleys, […]

In the early morning, streets in Sapa downtown are filled with hundreds of Hmong and Red Dao people in colorful ethnic attire heading to Sapa market. Almost day of the week, somewhere around Sapa the local hill tribes will be organized weekly market. As well as providing the opportunity to buy and sell the local […]

Located on the Saigon River, Ho Chi Minh City (or called Saigon) is Vietnam’s major port and largest city. In this city, you can be comfortable to discover the stunning destinations including the ancient and the modern. Clearly, there are a lot of awesome historical places such as the system of museums and pagodas, Cu […]

On the map, Hoang Su Phi is a district located on the west side of Ha Giang province and near to the border with China. Whether you are seeking an outdoor adventure or the chance to simply watch the locals tend to their rice fields. Therefore, Hoang Su Phi will absolutely satisfy your appetite for […]

It is said the Vietnam is one of the most countries which can keep the many festivals. Especially, coming there in the Mid-autumn festival, you easily find out that there are funny, bustling activities. Almost streets, houses and restaurants which have been colored with red and yellow of lanterns and boxes. The colorful lanterns are […]

Sapa is the famous destination in the trekking tours in Northern Vietnam so you should come here to have more experience in your life. Actually, tourists will be impressed by breathless beauties of this land and the colorful culture of ethnic group there. Additionally, you completely admire a beautiful valley where you feel ever close […]

The main reason making almost tourists coming to Sapa is to explore the experience scenic destinations, learn the culture of the ethnic minority living in the Northwest. For distance, the tourists not only grace the beauty the top of Sapa’s destinations but also have the chance to enjoy a unique culture characteristic of mountains northwestern. […]

In Sapa, local ethnic minorities live in remote villages which are quite far from each other. Weekly markets are meeting points for them to exchange goods, cultures, to make new friends, and to find their lovers as well. The impression you could get is the lively markets reflected by different colourful dresses of many local […]

Sapa is known as one of the most attractive destinations of Northern Vietnam. Sapa is famous for the rice terrace fields, the mountain, the culture of ethnic and the local markets. Are you setting up the plan traveling in this destination? Then you need some important tips for trekking in Sapa Vietnam. We offer several […]

In Geography, North West Vietnam is combined of the dramatic mountains capes, the colorfully-clothed hill tribes, and the fresh air. Sapa is the heart of this unique piece of Vietnam. Travel to this peaceful land and meet resplendently dressed ethnic minorities at the local market, visit neighboring villages and hike through iridescent rice terraces, witnessing […]