Being one of the most stunning spots in Sapa, about 8km distance from the town center, Ta Van is home of ethnics living in which are mainly the Dzay. On your way to Sapa, it is a must. This fabulous destination owns lots of must-sees for your trip to Sapa, Vietnam like the mysterious Ancient […]

This 12km-distance village from Sapa town which is home of the H’Mong and Red Dao always deserves to be set as one of the hottest tourism highlights on the trip to the paradise of the Northwest – Sapa. To get to this picturesque village, you may need to drive haft an hour from Sapa center […]

Ban Ho or Ho Village or Ban Ho Village is one of the most important and interesting tourism spots in Sapa, Vietnam. If your trip is to Sapa to explore its stunning ethnic villages, Ban Ho is definitely a must-go. Located at 30 km distance from Sapa center to the southwest, this village is home […]

Being an upland village, Ban Pho is one of the famous destinations in Sapa, deserving a try. From Bac Ha town, you can trace the 4km winding trail along with the Hoang Lien Son’s side, enjoy the beautiful views of green valley and splendid corn and rice terraces as well as contemplate awesome Tam Hoa […]

Lao Chai, also a hot spot of tourism in the Sapa upland town, is home of the Black H’Mong. This is a commune combining three main villages of more than 100 Black H’mong families who are considered to always welcome you with the best hospitality and warmness. You can reach this beautiful commune by going […]

This is a new Mong village distant 5 km from Sapa town to the east in some low hills, which must be one of the best destinations for tourists coming to the upland town. Stretching for about 12 km, the village is an interesting destination for tourists who love exploring the ethnic’s culture and traditional […]

Coming to Sapa, you shall need to arrange Giang Ta Chai village on your trek list because it is one of the most amazing destinations for traveling and spending your holidays in this upland town. Giang Ta Chai village, an ethnic village in Sapa, Lao Cai always deserves you to explore and experience in more […]

If you cross the fascinating Muong Hoa River then go up to the mountain, you can reach one of the most amazing ethnic village of Sapa- Su Pan village in Su Pan commune which is often  referred to as a mountainous commune. Sharing the position of next to Muong Hoa Stream or  Muong Hoa River […]

Sapa attracts tourists not only by the naturally breathtaking landscapes but also the traditional cultural features. One of the most ideal destinations in Sapa is Cat Cat – the old village of the ethnic groups – attracts tourists from all over the world for its distinctive customs and practices. The following are some interesting information […]

Sapa Christmas Tour is becoming a hot trend not only for those who love experiencing the coldness and snow falling but also for tourists who want to spend their Christmas time at the Sapa Rock Church or the Old Church. Many tourists choose this upland town for their Christmas and winter holiday for variant reasons […]