Danang is Vietnam’s fourth largest city and it’s growing quickly, both in size and significance. Danang – one of the fascinated destinations in trip a deal Vietnam which is concentrating on the powerful policies in the construction of more entertainment centers, beachfront villas and raising the quality services for tourists. For a start, it’s naturally […]

You have plan the must-see cities in Vietnam from North to South, admire the beautiful nature, and taste different Vietnamese flavors. You still have plenty of free time to discover destinations on your own as well. Vietnam – the country of wonderful landscape and world heritages possesses valuable cultural and historical values. In this article, […]

Currently, Sapa is the hotkey in traveling as it is attractive both of locals and foreigners when coming to Vietnam. As you known, Vietnam tourism is developing fast in the region however, many locals still live a very basic life. Hence, visitors will get more experience in the mountainous region by its ethnic villages, colour […]

Combination two neighborhood countries Cambodia and Vietnam will offer to you both of the natural beauty and fascinating cultures. Hence, the diversity of this stunning corner of Southeast Asia bring an unforgettable experience in Vietnam Cambodia package tour 2018 in two weeks. Travel Sense Asia are designed to feature the highlights of both countries while […]

Sapa is the best choice you spend your free time in the traveling as it is a beautiful mountainous region in the Northern Vietnam. It also owns the perfectly green environment full of lush hills, tea plantations and agricultural land. Not only that this destination is famous for the eight ethnic tribes that live in […]

Sapa is one of the most attractive destinations in Northern Vietnam because of its stunning landscapes, culture market days and traditional foods,… Sapa is home to different ethnic tribal groups which is located about 350 km northwest of Hanoi. There are many ethnic groups such as the Hmong, Dao, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho. Many […]

Vietnam is blessed with breath-taking landscapes, rich history and glorious cuisine. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam wraps around the coast of South Asia with kilometre after kilometre of sea views, thoroughly modern cities, and misty mountain villages. Your awesome adventure can’t go wrong with convenient flights and comfortable hotels waiting when you […]

Are you setting a schedule of Sapa mountain trek? This tour is offered for those who want to spend their time to admire one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Vietnam. Coming to Sapa, you will have a chance to discover many stunning landscapes in here and learn new things about hill tribe people. […]

Sapa is one of the most destinations attracting both of foreigners and Vietnamese so currently, there are some kind of transportations that you could transfer from Hanoi to Sapa and viversal. The most popular transportation is going by train and by bus as well. Besides you can hire a motorbike to experience the long journey […]

Sapa today becomes one of the most favorite tourist destination of Vietnam, a natural starting point for unique experiences in the atmosphere of the mountainous north this country. There are many unique opportunities to explore the hidden trails, breathtaking sceneries, unmixed culture and way of life…but without the availability of basic accommodation. You can sleep […]