Are you setting the planned travel Laos Vietnam Cambodia tour? One of the most popular destinations you shouldn’t miss on the trip is Southern Vietnam. The tour will start with the bustling, energetic Ho Chi Minh City, the historical Cu Chi tunnels, the local life in Mekong Delta. Ho Chi Minh City A bustling, energetic […]

Sapa is famous for the rice terraces, several villages, mountain, Fansipan peak, local markets,… The awesome place for trekking offers to tourists many experiences in the overnight at the homestay and conquering Fansipan. Many treasures could not remain hidden:… a little effort to think outside the big trap will be necessary, but there are still […]

Sapa is famous for the rice fields, natural world wonder, the mysterious minority cultures in the north Vietnam and Fansipan peak. If you’re traveling all the way up to Sapa, you will enjoy the best trekking in Sapa from some essential tips. It is a great chance for someone who wants to grace the rice […]

Sapa is one of Vietnam’s most famous and most northern trekking destinations. Because tourists will enjoy stunning rice terraces, the colder temperatures, the culture, traditional batik handicrafts of ethnic monitories and a magical overnight train to get there. This amazing place has the breathtaking landscape of terraced rice fields under the country’s highest peak Mount […]

Almost foreigners want to get the best feeling in the trip in Sapa so you also consider the best way to get to Sapa from Hanoi without the suitable tour. Sapa is a mysterious land with many spectacular sceneries and the culture of the ethnic groups. Thus, you will have the opportunity to admire the […]

Mid-autumn in Vietnam has a Vietnamese name is Tet Trung Thu – one of the biggest traditional festival in this country. Participating in the festival, you will enjoy the cheer up the atmosphere from the urban cities to the countryside areas in Vietnam. If you’re lucky enough to be in Vietnam that means the temperature […]

Spending 10 days on several destinations in Vietnam country is the perfect itinerary as tourists will be interested in discovering the majestic beauty of Vietnam with scanty time. Tourists have a chance to discover a fascinating culture experience from the Southern Vietnam to Northern Vietnam with the life of local on the floating in Mekong […]

Vietnam offers more than golden sand beaches and blooming rice paddy fields. We have many well-known cities that are bustling metropolises. Sapa is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam country as many stunning views, diverse culture and various traditional foods. Sapa is located in the northeast of Hanoi about 320 kilometers; this is […]

Sapa is known as a mysterious land with a great number of spectacular sceneries and the special culture of the ethnic groups. However, there is no nearby airport the only option for getting there is to travel by road or rail and, despite being only 380 kilometres from Hanoi. For long active years, the best […]