Sapa attracts tourists not only by the naturally breathtaking landscapes but also the traditional cultural features. One of the most ideal destinations in Sapa is Cat Cat – the old village of the ethnic groups – attracts tourists from all over the world for its distinctive customs and practices. The following are some interesting information […]

Sapa Christmas Tour is becoming a hot trend not only for those who love experiencing the coldness and snow falling but also for tourists who want to spend their Christmas time at the Sapa Rock Church or the Old Church. Many tourists choose this upland town for their Christmas and winter holiday for variant reasons […]

On the way exploring the upland Sapa, this is one of the best recommendations for your trip. Y Linh Ho village, a part of San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa is a small but interesting village, especially for travelling and visiting. From 7km distance of Sapa town, on the way to Lao Chai village, you […]

Not only Muong Hoa Valley, O quy Ho Pass, Tram Ton Pass, Silver Waterfall, or other landscapes in Sapa which can be the reason for millions of tourist arrivals to this upland, it is Sapa’s rice terrace fields that seems to be the best image of the North West zone. Voted as world’s most beautiful […]

If someone asks what is the specility in Sapa, it must be “Thang Co” as the first recommendation. Originating from Sapa ethnic’s traditional food, it becomes one of the most terrific characteristics of the upland, which seduces lots of tourists to the North West of Viet Nam to come and enjoy. Traditional feature of the […]

Hiding from mighty Hoang Lien Son Mountain range and silhouetted into dreamy Muong Hoa valley, Ho village is an ethnic village in Sapa which attracts thousands of visitors each year. In recent years, Ho village has been considered as the most attractive destination in Sapa due to the fact that it has many advantages to […]

Taking part in a trekking tour, tourists have to go on foot and prepare essential items by themselves. Because destinations especially in Sapa are usually on mountains or in forests, it does not appear in any map. It is also the reason why a trekking tour will give participants the feeling of conquest. Another advantage […]

Sapa- the fanciful town in fog is considered a gateway to another world of mysterious minority cultures and luscious landscapes. Coming to Sapa, visitors are not only overwhelmed in unique cuisines but also can try the famous wine brands in here. San Lung wine – a specialty of Sapa Coming to Lao Cai, the tourists, […]

Many tourists have chance to visit but it is not everyone who is lucky to visit at one of the most stunning resorts in Sapa as Topas Ecolodge in which you can enjoy the most valuable trip at a real smokeless tourism spot in both denotation and connotation. Perhaps, this is the unique destination in […]

Being one of the most attractive tourism spots in Northern Viet Nam, Sapa seduces lots of visitors in all over the world with not only its naturally breathtaking landscapes but also its own ethnic villages and people. Thus, tripping through ethnic villages is one of the must-dos that are highly recommended doing when you come […]